Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson was originally a painter who took photographs. Over the last decade he has become a photographer who paints occasionally. His distinctive minimal style stems from the belief that subject matter is not as important as aesthetic considerations like composition, tone, and line.

He has taught visual art and undertaken commercial art projects on both sides of the Atlantic and in the Middle East. He and his wife also owned a gallery that specialized in both painting and photography. His work has been exhibited in both the United States and the United Kingdom. He is a dual UK/USA citizen who lives and works in the American Midwest.

He has written a book,The Minimalist Photographer The book made the Photo.Net list of the ten best photography books of 2013

Who is this book for? This is yet another excellent read for aspiring photographers. Breaking down the many overwhelming aspects and complications of photography, this book manages to focus on what is most relevant in true photographic creation. The Minimalist Photographer touches on all of the key components of authentic photography in an easy to digest and extremely helpful manner.

Steve's other main interests are both reading and watching science fiction, and cycling. He regards his mountain bike as the best and most cost effective piece of photography he has purchased to date.

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