Michael Rowley

Michael Rowley

If you're interested in the beauty and meaning of Japanese kanji, please add me as contact. I'm currently at work on a six-box set of kanji flash cards called Kanji PictoCards. You can see samples and notes on how it's progressing at my blog, Vizcabulary.com and my website KanjiPictographix.com.

While living in Japan, I wrote two illustrated books, ‘Kanji Pictographix’ and ‘Kana Pictographix.’ Returning to the States, I taught information design at Art Center and digital imaging at The American Film Institute.

Blessed with a poor memory, I developed a niche in illustrated books and websites using visual mnemonics. FiftyStatesOfMind.com teaches geography (think of the boot of Italy concept), AtomFamilies.com turns the elements of the periodic table into human characters, and KanjiPictographix.com teaches Japanese kanji.

Today I live in Northern California and run the design studio, VizCab.

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