Lisa McCue

Lisa McCue

I was born in Brooklyn, NY and moved to Tappan, NY when I was 4. As early as I can remember, teachers were telling me that my drawings should be in children’s books. While in high school I was given the assignment to write a paper describing a day in my life 25 years into the future. I described myself as married with 2 children, working in my studio overlooking the ocean and designing greeting cards with a dog at my feet. I must have had a crystal ball that day. The only difference is I look out at the Chesapeake Bay, not the ocean.

I illustrated my first children’s book while in college. Acclaimed Dutch author Loek Kessels saw my portfolio, and asked me to illustrate for her. Now nearly 30 years later, I am still illustrating children’s books as well as greeting cards.

I love my work! It is so much fun to bring my characters to life, one brush stroke at a time. My sons laugh at the way I act out all of the emotions by making the facial expressions of my characters while I draw. Click on my picture to the left to see what my sneaky boys caught on tape.

When I am not drawing you will most likely find me on the water racing our sailboat or in the Mountains skiing. I love to read, sew, and bead. I am also very involved in fundraising for ALS.

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