Helen Thorpe

Helen Thorpe

Helen Thorpe is the author of three books, most recently THE NEWCOMERS. Malcolm Gladwell has said, "Helen Thorpe has taken policy and turned it into literature."

In THE NEWCOMERS, Thorpe follows 22 refugee and immigrant teenagers during their first year in America, as they land in the same beginner level English Language Acquisition classroom. They map the global refugee crisis in full and she also traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo, the largest sender of refugees to the US, to understand one family's journey better.

Her first book was JUST LIKE US, followed DREAMers from adolescence into adulthood, and it won the Colorado Book Award in 2009. Her second book, SOLDIER GIRLS, recounted the overseas deployments of three female veterans who served in the National Guard, and the challenges they faced coming back home. It was named Time Magazine's number one nonfiction book of 2014.

Born in London to Irish parents, Thorpe grew up in New Jersey. She is a veteran journalist who formerly worked as a staff writer for The New York Observer, The New Yorker, and Texas Monthly. She has also produced radio stories that have aired on This American Life and Soundprint. She lives in Denver, Colorado.

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